Mobile Websites

The way businesses and customers connect is rapidly changing and a vast majority of businesses are not prepared to meet the marketplace. Each and every day people are searching for goods, services and information right from their mobile devices and if they cannot find you easily, you will lose that business to your competition.

Having two different types of websites, mobile website and a regular website, gives you access to a wider range of audiences. Statistics show that both are essential marketing tools. A mobile website should never be a mini-version of a regular website and mobilizing a site does not mean that a tiny phone icon appears on the regular site that clicks over to a mobile site. A true mobile site displays your web content automatically on any mobile screen size. It is designed with simple category buttons to make it easier for the customer to search the site. Most importantly, a mobile site needs to have special coding imbedded in it so that the search engine will be able to determine if someone is searching from a phone or desktop computer.